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About Tristan Titeux

Tristan was born in 1976 in Paddington, London, then spent the first 13 years in Belgium on the edge of a village close to nature. He lived in a beautiful house made of flint stone with two wood fires, no central heating, TV or fridge just one single cold tap in the kitchen. His dad spoke about wild plants on the radio for many years, and used to feed his family from wild mushrooms and plants in the wild, his garden, bees, goats, chickens. Tristan's time growing up with his dad in Belgium cemented his relationship with nature. Today Tristan lives in London and in 2011 decided to offer an eco friendly option to his fitted furniture clients. Tristan now feels it is his mission to carry on making use of what his dad taught him and do what he can to educate the World about the environmental injustices currently happening all over the World.

The World is not an even playing field.

Have you ever stopped to think about the cost of your goods? I am sure you think about it everytime you pull out your wallet to pay, and usually stuff is too expensive, stuff is always too expensive most would moan. But have you ever thought about that deeply? If you do, you will find

I met some amazing people at the London Green Fair

Today I went to the London Green Fair, I have been going for 3 years in a row now and this year was the best! I met some people doing amazing stuff. Gavin from THTC creates t-shirts made from organic cotton and hemp. Gavin form THTC   Save the Jungle  

WheresMilo? #wheresMilo

Today, the 4th June 2012 I am launching #wheresMilo a new photo project dedicated to the travels of the ReCut Milo table designed by Tristan Titeux. The #wheresMilo project is a fun way of spotting all the weird, interesting places that I will photograph him in as well as interesting and also famous people that I

Paint Eco, natural plant based paint.

Paint Eco is a young paint company based in Latvia. I had the pleasure of speaking with Julija Simkovica, Paint Eco's General Manager at EcoBuild this year in London. Talking to Julija, I got a very warm feeling that they where a great company who really cared about the environment, and where not just  jumping

Organic Banana Veneer

I met Marco Cassin. He is the founder and one of the directors of Beleaf along with his father and someone else.They are based in Monaco. Marco found a way to make a veneer from a waste by product of the Organic banana industry. The veneer uses the core of the banana plant which is

Kokoboard, made from natural waste by-products.

Kokoboard is a social enterprise born from the desire to want to help people as well as the environment. That alone makes me want to support Kokoboard. The fact that the boards they produce are made from waste by products is the icing on the cake for me. Monday I had the pleasure