Today, the 4th June 2012 I am launching #wheresMilo a new photo project dedicated to the travels of the ReCut Milo table designed by Tristan Titeux.

The #wheresMilo project is a fun way of spotting all the weird, interesting places that I will photograph him in as well as interesting and also famous people that I will photograph Milo with.

So whenever I take such a picture it will be tagged with the keyword #wheresMilo? This tag will work in Twitter and Instagram and many other places, and can also be searched by using the google search engine.

So I can’t wait to see where Milo will end up, I am so exited about this project! I hope you enjoy it.

To start off here is the very first #wheresMilo? It is of Goldie who is a graffiti artist and drum and bass DJ and producer as well as man other talents he has such as dentistry. I first came across Goldie when I used to photograph clubs in the 1990’s and I took pictures of him DJing, I managed to connect with him using my pictures of him.

DJ Goldie with the Milo table made form upcycled waste wood.

DJ, Graffiti artist, Actor, D&B Music producer Goldie.

Here is more about the story behind Milo and the ReCut series.

Here is my Pinstagram page where you will see many of my #wheresMilo? pictures.

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