Original text from Instagram 10th March 2013: “#wheresMilo Milo is with Irene Arango and Rich Havardi from Nama foods, a raw food restaurant, 19 Lonsdale Road, Queens Park, London. They both cook the most beautiful and delicious food. You will be delighted, feel light and healthy, but don’t forget to have desert too though, they are mind blowing! I can’t believe they can make a chocolate cake raw and vegan that is as good as the finest cakes you can get in a top restaurant! And the icing on the cake is that it’s all organically grown, which means that no synthetic chemicals have been used in their production.

And lastly, although I am not a raw fanatic, vegan or even vegetarian, I eat anything that is mon GM! From a sustainability point of view, I appreciate that raw eating uses little energy because none is needed for cooking compared with conventional cooking apart from when dehydrating, also because vegetables are raw, you need less to nourish yourself so less needs to be produced and because no animal products are involved, the food goes straight to humans rather than to animals first then to us in the form of meat, so again this is an important aspect to sustainability.

I see this as one solution amongst many that are needed to become more sustainable. Personally I think it is important to have a varied diet constituting mostly of unadulterated vegetables as part of a mixed diet. When you visit, make sure you check out the Milo coffee table by the front door. 🙂 Follow Nama on Facebook at Facebook.com/Nama.Artisan.Raw.Foods

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