The Surface Design Show is a materials show for architects and interior designers.

This is the first show I have ever done. I was invited by the SCIN Materials gallery to show some eco materials on their large stand.

I am so glad I went, I had the time of my life. For 3 days I spoke to so many people who where interested in sustainable materials, I can’t tell you how satisfying it is talking about what you are passionate about to people who are interested! And it helps sharpen up your pitch too, I repeated the same thing so many times over the 3 days.

SCIN wanted me to make some shelves to go with the farm theme so we made a ladder to be leaned against some straw bales.

Assembling eco sustainable shelves on floor

Adam from Custom Carpentry assembling assembling the eco shelf ladder at the Surface Design Show


Man painting writting on a wall of straw bales

Straw bale wall being prepared for the ladder.













Tristan Titeux standing next to his eco shelves made of sustainable materials

Tristan Titeux standing next to the Eco Materials SCIN on the Farm ladder.



The ReCut floating shelf made it out for the first time at the Surface Design Show and was by far the most popular piece I was exhibiting, people walked straight onto the SCIN stand and right to the ReCut shelf with their hands out ready to stroke it! I witnessed this again and again, that was great fun to watch, the front of the shelf was really smooth by the end of the three days.

2 ladies stroking the ReCut floating shelf

Two of the many ladies that enjoyed stroking the ReCut shelf at the Show



What Eco Materials are the shelves made from?


  • From the top we have the untreated Stramit shelf.
  • Second is an shelf made from Formaldehyde free MDF with recycled plastic in the center, back light with LED’s.
  • Third is the ReCut shelf made from waste wood.
  • Then we have a shelf made using strawboard and recycled bottles.
  • Fith is my pionerring Stram Straw Shelf painted with natural paint.
  • And at the bottom a Medite Ecologique shelf painted with eco paint.


Eco Shelves and talbe made from waste offcuts

The ladder of shelves made from Eco Materials with the Milo table to the right made form waste offcuts material.



This top shelf is a raw shelf made from Stramit strawboard, it is used to insulate eco houses. For me this an ultimate sustainable materials because it is made using no glue to bind the straw together, just a bit of glue is used to bind the cardboard on the outside, meaning that it contains minimal unnatural material and is almost totally renewable.

Stramit shelf with lable on top

Floating Shelf made using Stramit straw, which is not bound with glue.



The Second shelf is made using a formaldehyde free FSC certified MDF wood, it uses and MDI glue which is supposed to be innert compared with current formaldehyde glues. This type of board is made my Medite and is called Medite Ecologique, it uses less 3-5% glue instead of 12-15% of the standard MDF, so that is a good thing that we are using less petro chemical glue.

The blue recycled plastic is made from melted office water bottles with crushed CD’s and DVD’s inside it, back-light with low voltage and wattage LED’s.


Shelf made of Medite Ecologique MDF with blue recycled plastic

Shelf made of Formaldehyde free Medite Ecologique, and recycled plastic in the middle.


The Third shelf is the ReCut shelf made using waste from the waste offcuts my company Custom Carpentry creates, they are glued and oiled using an Auro products made from renewable plant based materials.

Floating Shelf made from waste off cuts from Custom Carpentry's waste wood

ReCut Floating shelf made using waste off cuts from Custom Carpentry's fitted furniture.

The fourth shelf is made from straw board supplied by Envirowall, it is bound together using a formaldehyde free glue. In the center is recycled glass made from bottles made by Bottle Alley Glass in Yorkshire.

The fith shelf is my pioneering floating shelf made using Stramit strawboard, hardboard which is just compressed wood and water, and painted with Nutshell paint made from petro chemical free ingredients.

The last shelf is a 36mm formaldehyde free Medite Ecologique paint painted with Nutshell paint.

Three shelves made using eco friendly materials.

The last three shelves, made from straw, recycled glass and formaldehyde free MDF.


People admiring the shelves & the Milo table

People enjoying the straw shelf and Milo table


Lady admiring a table

The ReCut Milo table being admired closely


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