Traditionally, in modern society, we have relied on banks to loan us money for business, for personal projects and purchases.

The money they used to and still, I am talking as if it was something in the past, but now, we are fed up with unethical banks and I was going to say their unethical investments and ways of business.

Now entrepreneurs are starting businesses that are ethical and designed to help people and in the case of Kiva to allow poor people who need loans to get loans from many people like you and me.

All that you do is lend $25 to any project and when many people do that it makes up the required loan that the person is asking for. Kiva002

They then pay you back, just like if you where a bank, but instead this bank is made up of many people like you around the World.

All you need is $25 to invest in a project or whatever the person wants, they might want to buy a car, or they might want to buy goods for their shop or it might be a farmer wanting to setup a bio gas system on their farm.

Or if like me you have a link, and anyone can have a link, if you invite other people to Kiva they give you $25 to invest in someone.


See this great video about it:


So if you click on this link and join, I will be credited $25 to invest in someone

Thank you and enjoy, there are plenty more such projects as Kiva that work in all different ways, this is a good start.

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Tristan Titeux, 11 January 2013


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