Original Text from Instagram 24 July 2012: “#wheresMilo Milo is with Satish Kumar, editor of Resurgence & The Ecologist magazine. In his 20’s Satish walked on an 8000 mile journey from India to America with no money to deliver a message of Peace to the 4 leaders of the nuclear nations. He passed through Moscow, Paris, London (and Belgium!) to New York and finally Washington. His aim was to spread the message of Peace and get publicity along the way. People fed and sheltered him. They gave him diner, breakfast and take away lunch to last him until the evening. The rare days he did not find dinner or a bed he saw as an opportunity to fast and sleep under the stars. He sees Peace not just in terms of war but peace with all beings, ecology and the Planet. #recut #eco

Learn more about Satish on his Wikipedia page by clicking here.

Here is the link to the Resurgence and Ecologist magazine.

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