Original text: “#wheresMilo is visiting @waste_watch to talk about The ReCut series of furniture and getting kids involved.”

(The ReCut series is now called the Milo series)


Wastewatch is a charity dedicated to reducing waste in the UK.

I visited them with Milo to do a presentation about Milo and waste, and hopefully get Wastewatch to integrate Milo in one of their school programmes to talk about the issue of waste and how Milo relates to waste.

Milo is all made from waste wood that would otherwise go to land fill or incineration. As well that it is made from all sorts of materials that are both good and bad, I enjoy talking about them and how they can be improved. I also bring along eco materials of the future to talk about materials that either use waste themselves, or are made from renewable materials, or are recyclable. See this blog about me talking about eco materials in schools. I do the same talk/workshop for businesses too.

If you are interested in Eco Materials click this link to find out about the eco materials I talk about.

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