Paint Eco is a young paint company based in Latvia. Logo of Paint Eco

I had the pleasure of speaking with Julija Simkovica, Paint Eco’s General Manager at EcoBuild this year in London.

Talking to Julija, I got a very warm feeling that they where a great company who really cared about the environment, and where not just  jumping on the eco bandwagon. I have great respect for such companies because like me they work from the heart, and that is how you get the best truly eco products. Because they are thinking about what is best for the environment and peoples health rather than just profit.

Their philosophy is to make products that they would be happy to use themselves.

Samples and catalogue of Paint Eco

Paint Eco samples and catalogue.

For me, another reason I know they care is because they promote the use of non Genetically Modified crops, it means they think deeply about things and don’t just listen to the GM propaganda you hear in mainstream media that would make you believe their interest is in saving the world! I too believe that GMO’s are not necessary in this world. I believe we have everything we need if we look at nature close enough. Plus I believe that you can’t mess with nature too much or she will bite back. GMO is a step too far. It is bad enough that companies have created non GM hybrid seeds that require farmers to buy their seeds from that company year after year instead of growing their own seed, GMO’s would give fewer companies even more of a grip on our food and crop supply and stifle competition and diversity.

Field of Linseed.

Crop of Linseed before harvest.

The base of Paint Eco’s paints is Linseed oil from the flax seed. Linseed has been cultivated for over 7000 years, but like many natural materials has been crushed and replaced by petroleum products, not because petroleum products are better, but because they had the power to do so. But now is the time that people want these natural products again, because not only do they realise that they are better for the environment, but they are healthier for our human bodies and in many cases outperform synthetic mineral oil based products. For example linseed oil paints used outside will never crack, because they are elastic, they let the wood breathe, which leads to healthier buildings that don’t trap in damp. Have a look at the links I have given you below for more interesting info about that.

Combine harvesting flaz seed.

Harvesting the flax.

Linseed requires very little input to grow as far as chemicals go, it is very resistant to pests and deseases compared to crops such as wheat.


Linseeds before processing.

Once harvested the oil is extracted from the seeds, then boiled to make it dry quicker and penetrate the wood it is protecting deeper. No chemicals are added to the linseed, then it is blended with different natural minerals to create the different colours. Many cheap linseed oils have chemical driers that make them dry.

Linseed oil

Linseed oil

Natural mineral ingredients for paint

Mineral pigments to blend with the linseed.


Here is a great website about Linseed oil called Solvent-Free Paint.

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