Today I went to the London Green Fair, I have been going for 3 years in a row now and this year was the best!

I met some people doing amazing stuff.

Gavin from THTC creates t-shirts made from organic cotton and hemp.

Gavin from THTC holding up some of his t-shirts

Gavin form THTC


THTC t-shirt save the Jungle

Save the Jungle


Gavin uses his t-shirts to raise awareness of various social and environmental issues.

THTC t-shirt of Plenty more fish in the supermarket

Plenty more fish in the supermarket


Sven Segal used to be a mainstream shoe designer for years, he said he got fed up with the nasty materials that where used to make them and so he decided to go off and create his own set of natural shoes.

Below Sven is holding a pair of shoes that is totally natural, the sole is made of natural latex rubber, under your foot is a shock absorbing matt made from coconut husks that protect the shell and latex to bind it, the top part of the shoe is made from hemp fabric and the outside you can see a sewn patter that is cork. I am now the proud owner of these amazing shoes!

Shoe designer Sven showing off his natural shoes.

Sven Segal and his natural shoes.


Katcha Bilek makes handbags, bags and all sorts from inner-tubes from cars and tractors as well as belts from car tires.

Katcha Bilek showing off her bag made from car innertubes.

Katcha Bilek showing off her Bag made from Car Inntertube


Cute belt made from from used bike tire.

Belt made from used bike tire.


Reboot recycled 4000 wellie boots into useful stuff such as a festival beer bottle holder, note pad, nice bracelets and the bottoms are turned into wellie clogs to send to Africa.

ReBoot stall with useful items made form unwanted festival boots.


Roses are Rubbish takes used advertising banners topped with inner-tubes and seat belts to create Ipad and kindle covers, wallets all made in England.

Roses are rubbish stall with ipad bags, wallets etc


Shaylesh Patel on the left in the picture from Healthy Planet was also here giving away books for free, a much better solution than dumping, burning or recycling them! He also runs an event called stuff for free.

Books for free at the London Green fair



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