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About Tristan Titeux

Tristan was born in 1976 in Paddington, London, then spent the first 13 years in Belgium on the edge of a village close to nature. He lived in a beautiful house made of flint stone with two wood fires, no central heating, TV or fridge just one single cold tap in the kitchen. His dad spoke about wild plants on the radio for many years, and used to feed his family from wild mushrooms and plants in the wild, his garden, bees, goats, chickens. Tristan's time growing up with his dad in Belgium cemented his relationship with nature. Today Tristan lives in London and in 2011 decided to offer an eco friendly option to his fitted furniture clients. Tristan now feels it is his mission to carry on making use of what his dad taught him and do what he can to educate the World about the environmental injustices currently happening all over the World.

Straw exhibtion in London Jan-Feb 2012

During the month lf January and February 2012 you can see some of my pioneering straw shelves in action at the SCIN gallery in town. I am exhibiting some floating shelves made of two different types of straw and finished in various ways. One is the pioneering Stram Straw shelf made of Stramit straw

The Milo table, Tristan Titeux’s first baby from the “Milo” series.

Milo is a small coffee or bedside table made of recycled waste off cut wood material and unwanted old fitted furniture pulled out of peoples houses. In 2011, after deciding to follow my passion and do something for our planet I started looking closer at how we use materials. I came up with a design

The Sustainability of Bamboo Plywood

Tristan Titeux Introduces the ecological benefits of using Bamboo plywood in your home. My mission is to ensure that all furniture will be totally sustainable in the future. I want to leave you feeling satisfied that you have taken an important step towards creating a better future for our children. Bamboo as you probably know

Recycling is not the way to go!

Recycling is a hot word these days, everyone is using it, companies are shouting it out loud. And it is great, recycling is really important, it is a good job that everyone is now talking about recycling, because it makes sense, why waste? Waste makes no sense to us, and taking something and creating something

Eco will be no longer.

You might think I am mad having just decided a year ago to follow my dreams and passion to offer eco services to my customers that I am now predicting the death of Eco and Green? Well that is right, I can't give you a date with any accuracy but in the future, we will

Press Photos of Tristan Titeux

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