You might think I am mad having just decided a year ago to follow my dreams and passion to offer eco services to my customers that

I am now predicting the death of Eco and Green?

Well that is right, I can’t give you a date with any accuracy but in the future, we will no longer use the term green and eco.

Does that surprise you?

Well just imagine in 200 years from now, the world will look very different won’t it? If the last 200 years are anything to go by, or even the last 20, it is crazy the amazing stuff we are capable off, imagine if all that was put to good use!

If we make it through the next 200 years, we will have created a world that is very different to today.

Just like we look at the industrial age as being one of factories, coal, smog, people working hard away in factories, primitive living conditions, no comforts, cold damp houses, poverty. Well in 200 years from now we will look back at the technological revolution and think similarly, we will look at this age and think of it as the grey age, the age where people consumed like there was no tomorrow, like they where on a sinking ship.

To make it through to another 200 years I believe we will have to radically alter the way we treat and use materials and resources on this earth.

We will have to create materials that are natural, don’t pollute more than natural materials wood such as a log of wood, and that can bio degrade, or be burned after they have led a long and useful life.

In other words we will have to be alot more sustainable than we are today.

Ten years ago things where very different, a few people where working hard campaigning, but most of the message was falling on death ears, they had a hard time, and were the true pioneers, I respect them. But now that the issue of the environment is a mainstream one, you can talk to most people about the environment and they don’t look at your like you are a sandals wearing hippy, anyone knows that we live in an environment that is at threat.

I am very optemistic because I see evidence every day of wonderful things going on for the better of the people and the planet.

I feel like now is such a special time, it is easier than ever to communicate with people around the world, it is easy to educate yourself and others, you can find out how things work through the Internet very easily if you know where to look.

With the advent of companies like YouTube, WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, we have been given a free TV station, radio station, publishing house, board room to communicate our message to the world in a way that would have been impossible only 20 years before. People can now find out for themselves what is actually going on in the world if they wish, rather than be spoon fed propaganda on the commercial TV stations who’s sole aim is to please those who feed them.

With all this hope, people, not only educating, giving out free information to help others, but producing goods that are sustainable, renewable and ethical will ensure that in the future, we will not refer to anything as Eco or Green anymore.

The simple fact that we will make it another 200 years will mean so, because I believe the ONLY way we will make it is by looking closer at nature, understanding her better and seeing that she knows what to do, she has been doing it for thousands and thousands of years.


cartoon with man burning spare car parts

I see the day when cars or anything will be mostly compostable, burnable, reusable, healthy and non polluting.


And the way nature does it is by recycling, reusing everything she produces and by being very efficient about what she does. Nature wastes nothing, you only have to watch one my my hero’s David Attenborough’s magnificent programmes to see in action the complex interactions in nature between, animals, plants, earth, water and air.

This kind of experience comes only from trial and error, she has tried everything, she has tried it in different ways, every way you could imagine.

That is the best experience you can get, trial and error, real life experience, not a few years of science in a lab to produce something to flog to use and kill us slowly like modern medicing.

If we don’t make it another 200 years, you can be sure there will be one thing that remains, however battered, that will be nature, and eventually she will recover. But we, will be gone.

“If all mankind were to disappear, the world would regenerate back to the rich state of equilibrium that existed ten thousand years ago.  If insects were to vanish, the environment would collapse into chaos.”  ~Edward O. Wilson

But that won’t happen, I want my children and my grand children and their grand children to look back, see my blog posts and say, my great, great, great grandad wrote that, he was right, everything we have now follows a totally sustainable pattern, how did he know we would get out of it and that everything would be renewable? He probably listened to nature.

That is my wish, because at the same time I see so much good going on, we are far from out of the water, but this it he beginning, I feel like I am part of something, I feel like I have a purpose in life, I am just one of many who think this way, and now have the opportunity to talk about it, to speak with others about it and work out what can be done.

One day Green will be gone.


With great great love from the depths of my heart.

Tristan Titeux

20:58, 7 December 2011


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