During the month lf January and February 2012 you can see some of my pioneering straw shelves in action at the SCIN gallery in town.

Flyer for private view invitation to SCIN on the farm

Flyer for SCIN on the farm exhibition

I am exhibiting some floating shelves made of two different types of straw and finished in various ways.

One is the pioneering Stram Straw shelf made of Stramit straw bound together using nothing other then high pressure and cardboard glued to the outside.

The other shelves are made of strawboard that use an MDI glue to hold it together. One shelf has an strip of recycled glass made of Bottles form Bottle Alley Glass and the other floating shelf has recycled plastic made from office water bottles and crushed confiscated illicit CD’s and DVD’s with an LED strip light behind them, they are beautiful!

As well as my straw shelves there are works from other artists and designers there all made from straw.

You can visit SCIN on the farm at the SCIN gallery free of charge at the below address:


The SCIN Gallery
4 Showroom Floors
Morelands, 27 Old St
United Kingdom
Phone: +44(0)20 7357 7574