This is a responce I posted on the CNN website about the construction of wooden sky scrapers.


I was really emoted to write a long responce to many negative comments based on peoples preconseptions and shortsightenes about wood and lack of understanding about sustainability.


“I cannot believe how negative some people are. And also how quick they are to make ignorant comments!

Why is everyone so quick to point out why their short sighted brains don’t think all this is possible or a good idea.
Why are you talking about the Amazon and trees being cut down etc.
If you read the article properly it talks about using responsibly cut wood.
You can make ANYTHING with wood, it is never a question of what you can do, but HOW you can do it.
And let me be clear, wood is not THE solution, but one of many solutions we need for a sustainable future.
Sustainably grown and harvested wood is amazing because it is renewable and nothing will take away that fact. So now we just have to find out HOW to use wood in ways that will work, not find reasons why it won’t work!
For someone to say that steel is easier to recycle than wood is plain ignorant of what sustainability is all about.
It is simple, the closer we stay to nature the more sustainable we will be. Take a tree, cut it, assemble it into a structure and you have an example of the ultimate sustainable material.
No one said cut down the Amazon, if we are to create more structures from wood, the laws in the countries that have good laws need to ensure that the structures they build are made form sustainable products, not trees taken from the Rainforest or other such places.
We need sustainable solutions to our future, we need to support the people making a change, not poo poo them because our poor little minds are too feeble to imagine a different world full or possibilities.
Tristan Titeux
16 March 2012.”
Here is the tallest wood structure in the world in London Hackney, the Stadthaus, Murray Grove:,-murray-grove.aspx and here: and here:
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