My name is Tristan Titeux, I am an Eco fitted furniture pioneer, I own a company that designs & builds, beautiful, simple, modern fitted furniture, from scratch using Eco friendly materials, for people who value their health & environment.



I am the creative director of a team of talented craftsmen, we have been making fitted furniture since 2003, mostly working for private clients in London, but we have also been commissioned on various occasions by Westminster Abbey, & made furniture for TV home makeover programmes on ITV & SKY.


Straw board shelves with recycled plastic in between

Recycled Plastic & Strawboard shelving

In 2010 I decided to follow my heart & dreams and bring out an Eco option. I am becoming known as an Eco fitted furniture pioneer & expert, for my innovative use of natural materials never seen in fitted furniture before, such as straw, hemp & recycled plastic made from confiscated CD’s & DVD’s.


Valley of Bassenge

The Valley where I was brought up for 13 years in Belgium not far from Mastricht


My father was a Belgian environmentalist & inventor who spoke on a weekly spot on the national radio for years in the late 70’s about wild plants, their medicinal use, history, folklore & the fascinating world that surrounds them.
I learned a lot from him, I was brought up close to nature in an old white house full of character with thick flint stone & chalk walls. Inside we had 2 wood fires, just one cold tap that lived in the kitchen, an outdoor toilet & separate unheated bathroom with no tap or hot water, we also didn’t have a TV or fridge.

We lived a simple life very close to nature where I learned first hand the value of raw materials like wood when loading our fire, not to waste water when cleaning my teeth, not to waste food or heat and I saw & experienced where produce came from which was mostly from our garden vegetables, chickens, bees, goats as well as fruit, plants & mushrooms in the countryside.

This education gave me a caring & deep understanding of nature which has never left me & drives my passion towards my dream of a necessary & totally sustainable future.



Area picture of a football pitch

This area is lost from the Amazon every second.

Customers tell me on the practical side that no matter what size house they live in, they always manage to  fill up their storage space, as well as being increasingly concerned that the furnishing materials decorating their houses are not environmentally friendly nor healthy for them or their family. A lot of people are now realising that there is no doubt about the negative impact humans are having on this planet.

We are losing an area of the Rainforest the size of a football pitch every single second.

We are at risk of loosing our medicine chest. 70% of anti cancer plants originate in the rainforests.

The Amazon Rainforest

The Rainforest holds the key to our medicine chest.

North America has around seven hundred tree species, but in Borneo more than that can be found in just 25 acres. (14 Football pitches)

In Peru, one tree was found to host forty-three species of ant, almost equal to the entire ant species of the UK.

The protection of the rainforests is just one aspect of sustainability. Recently we have seen   weather around the world more ferocious and extreme than ever.

In Australia Jan 2011 a flood as large of France and Germany combined devastated communities.

In Pakistan in August 2010 floods affected 20 million people.

In 2011 China among other countries experienced the highest temperature every measured.

In May of the same year, the largest lake in China was completely empty of water with cracks in the bed like you see in the desert.

Colombia in 2011 had 5 times their average annual rainfall.

August 2011 hurricane which would have normal been a regular tropical storm created $12 billion worth of damage. They are now getting storms and weather patterns normally associated with those in South America, not North.

The hottest years have been in the last 10 years.

Drought in Chinese lake

Drought in Chinese lake

In July 2010 Russia had unprecedented droughts and fires which caused them to cancel all outgoing grain exports, you can imagine what chaos that kind of thing causes.

These are just a few recent examples of weather patterns that have been getting worse over the years.

We have seen our own extreme record weather in recent years from floods to unusually high temperatures and at unexpected times of the year causing havoc on natural cycles.
Some people say that it is too late to do something about it because it is like a train that has lost it’s breaks, but I am optimistic and believe we can still do something.

Even if this wasn’t happening, it doesn’t make sense to pollute our air, land, water and food with poisonous chemicals in everything we produce.



I demonstrate that it is possible to build thoughtfully designed, stylish, clean & fresh looking space saving furniture that maximises the space in your home while both increasing & improving your living space & health by offering sustainable furnishings made of materials that are renewable & don’t damage the planet or you.



My mission is to help people make a Positive Difference in the World with the choices they make!

With them I want to speed up the process of moving towards a necessary sustainable future where everything moves in cycles & is recycled & doesn’t pollute our world. The alternative to a cycle is an open ended process that leads to a dead end.
I want to do encourage biodiversity by promoting the use of varied & especially natural materials.

My aim for the construction industry is to show what the materials they use are made of, where they come from, how they affect us & to demonstrate that it is vital to use as many different materials as possible, not just wood, not just metal, not just plastic for everything, just because market forces dictate so. See my Eco Materials Series in YouTube

What I am saying is very simple, it is just physics it is the rules of nature, and if we don’t obey them humankind will pay a high price. I am not super clever, I don’t know something you don’t know, I have not invented any of this, it isn’t breaking news not even new, I am just summarising in human words what nature is telling us all around.

Saint Bernard in the 10th century said

“You will find something more in woods than in books. Trees and stones will teach you that which you can never learn from masters“



I understand that it seems like we each are alone & that you feel like you can’t make that difference so there is no point, but in this day in age words, pictures & ideas spread fast & we can change the way we produce, manufacture & consume for the better very quickly. What you buy has a direct impact on contributing to a positive future.



I am known for l leaving people feeling deeply satisfied that they have made a special decision that has made a difference in their world by choosing to contribute in this positive way to a cleaner & better planet for all of us & more so our children.



What I would really like is to be put in touch with people  that can help me in my goals of creating this sustainable future with the use of home furnishings.
Thank you!



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