My name is Tristan Titeux. I am a pioneer of Eco fitted furniture. My company designs & builds stylish & functional contemporary pieces using Eco friendly materials, for people who value both their health & the environment.


I established my business in 2003 and now have a talented team of craftsmen who make fitted furniture for private clients in London.

I have also designed and built bookcases and storage on several occasions for Westminster Abbey and also made furniture for home makeover programs such as “60-minute Makeover” on ITV & “Homes for the Brave” on SKY.


The problem is that no matter what size home we live in, we never seem to have enough space for all our belongings.

Secondly we are losing an area of the Rainforest the size of a football pitch every single second.

Many furniture manufacturers are using wood that comes from unsustainable sources, as well as other non renewable materials in their furniture.

Thirdly, Modern furniture is made with of all sorts of polluting and unhealthy chemicals.


My solution to ensure you get the best use of your space, is to talk with you in detail, find out exactly what your needs are, what you want to store, then design, draw and build beautiful furniture that fits perfectly.

To avoid the Amazon being lost forever, we only use Wood that comes from sustainably managed forests and we also promote renewable alternatives to wood.

To create a healthier home for you we use paints that don’t contain nasty chemicals, and wood that does not leach out even more chemicals into your home.


My mission is to ensure that all furniture will be totally healthy and sustainable.


The more I talk to different people, I realise that people care, and given the choice they would opt for the ethical eco option.


I want to spread my knowledge as wide as possible around the world using social media.

Over the next 3 years I intend to be known as THE world authority on alternative solutions to the way furniture is currently made.


The next step for me is to find sponsorship for my book and joint venture with others.


What I would really like is to be put in touch with people who can help me create this sustainable future.


I am known as an Eco fitted furniture pioneer & expert, for my innovative use of natural materials never seen in fitted furniture before.


I leave people feeling deeply satisfied that they have taken an important step, towards saving the planet by purchasing Eco Furniture and choosing to contribute to a cleaner & better world for all of us & our children.


Thank you!

Tristan Titeux,
Sunday 30th October 2011